[PAMAL] Preservation and Access to Born-digital Culture 30-31 oct. 15

Symposium International
Preservation and Access to Born-digital Culture
Bruxelles – 30 & 31 octobre 2015

preservation symposium

Avec : Erkki Huhtamo (FI, UCLA), Baruch Gottlieb & Philipp Tögel (DE, Vilem Flusser Archive), Emmanuel Guez (FR, pamal.org), Gaby Wijers (NL, Lima), Valérie Perrin (FR, Espace Gantner), Jon Ippolito (US, re-collection), Ben Fino-Radin (US, MoMA), John Langdon & Anna Henry (UK, Tate Modern), Céline Thomas & Chu Yin Chen (FR, BnF – Univ.Paris 8), Geoffrey Brown (US, indiana.edu), Clarisse Bardiot (FR/BE,rekall.fr), Olia Lialina (DE), Dragan Espenschied (US/DE, Rhizome.org), Klaus Rechert (DE, Univ.Freiburg – bwFLA), Jason Scott (US, Internet Arcade – archive.org).

30 Quai des Charbonnages Koolmijnenkaai 30
1080 Bruxelles Brussel 1080 – 32 (0)2 410 30 93

Preservation and Access to Born-digital Culture | iMAL.org.

Le programme du symposium


Preservation and Access to Born Digital CultureConférence d’Emmanuel Guez
29 oct 15 à 11h
à l’invitation d’Yves Bernard et Emanuel Lorrain

Abstract : Mixing artistic and preservation practices, media archaeology and philosophy, in the context of a school preparing future conservators and artists, the Preservation & Art – Media Archaeology Lab at the Avignon Art School in France (PAMAL) explores the emergence and the obsolescence – birth and death – of digital artworks. Its research aims to understand the mutation of media ecosystems, as close as possible to their materialities. Emmanuel Guez will introduce the PAMAL, by presenting « A Media Archaeology », an exhibition curated by PAMAL that took place in Aix-en-Provence between May 19 and June 28, 2015.