From the Ear to the Eye. Conditions of a “Localized Writing” Experiment

emmanuel_guez_bxavier_boissariePaper : From the Ear to the Eye. Conditions of a “Localized Writing” Experiment, WI, Journal of Mobile Media, 2015: VOL. 9 No. 2. audio mobility.

Abstract: Murmures Urbains is an artistic project build on Messages Situés, a platform devised and developed by Orbe. It offers a “soundwalk” delivering instructions to the spectator in a given space. The spectator is free to complete the actions proposed in the context of a protocol. Depending on the writing of the protocol, the instructions allow the spectator to play with social norms. The spectator oscillates between immersive phases (when he is cut off from the surrounding sound environment), and relational phases. Instructions offer him the opportunity to create his own story. What is the role of the spectator? Could he be a performer?

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Thanks to Locus Sonus, Elena Biserna, Marie Muller, Jean-Paul Ponthot, Anne Roquigny, Peter Sinclair.