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[symposium] 3615.LOVE – Art et Minitel – Collection Lambert – 15 mars 2018

Rencontre – 3615.LOVE – Art et Minitel Organisé par le PAMAL-ESA Avignon. Le 15 mars de 14 à 17h. Entrée Libre. Collection [...]

[parution] The afterlives of network-based artworks – mai 17

“The afterlives of network-based artworks”, Emmanuel Guez, Morgane Stricot, Lionel Broye, Stéphane Bizet, The Journal of the I [...]

[workshop] Recirculation – 17h_17min_17sec – Vichy – 14-16 oct. 16

Anyhow, somehow and somewhere, before the bookflood or after her ebb, somebody mentioned by name in his telephone directory, Coccolanius or [...]