Reading as writing coding as public performance par Daniel Temkin

Publication d’un article de Daniel Temkin sur le Reading Club : « Reading as writing coding as public performance« .

Abstract: « The wonderfully strange Apparatus_is {Other-s}, performed online on November 1st, was part of both The Wrong biennale and the Reading Club, an ongoing series by Abrahams and Emmanuel Guez. It began as a code poem, written by Abrahams specifically for the event, and evolved over 20 minutes, as a group of invited “readers” introduced their own changes live for an online audience. These readers included computational poet / author Nick Montfort, artist / coder Renee CarmichaelEmmanuel Guez (co-creator of Reading Club), and “nanoloop musician and javascript nerd” Zombectro (co-creator of surreal o/s Windows93). Their edits were differentiated by color, but it was not announced which color corresponded to which reader, leaving the freedom of pseudo-anonymity in the public performance » (Daniel Temkin).